I took this shot early in the morning on Blue Ridge Parkway, a place I strongly recommend! On this morning it was very humid with ground fog and the sun came up and shown through the trees and made this wonderful sunrays. On Our trip we usually set the alarm to 4am, pack our gear and stuff it into the car, do some morning shooting and after that we reward us with a nice breakfast. On Blue Ridge Parkway, we bought our breakfast beforehand and celebrate it on one of the many viewpoints along the road.

Insight, entrepreneurship and courage. Through these words we can understand the origin of the one of the main companies of Language Teaching field in...

Idioma e Imigrantes

The number of refugees coming to Brazil has increased every year. In 2015 the rate reached 60%. This movement is very similar to the...

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Nowadays, English proficiency is essential for the labour market. Many universities, international academic institutes and governmental institutions demand English proficiency certificates. However, before applying...

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A job interview in English is one of the elements that leads to tension whoever is looking for a vacancy in the labour market....




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